About the Teacher - Marit Griffith

I feel that, as with many services, knowing about the person performing the service is an integral part of the decision as to whether to engage with that service or not. Therefore, I have decided to offer an insight into my history and experience to allow you to understand a little of where my passion comes from, and also my expertise, to help you to make the decision to come and meet me. In this company I offer two types of service (which are not mutually exclusive) White Lotus Coaching, and White Lotus Yoga so I have given enough information that those interested in either can see where each side fits into my history.

Brief synopsis of my academic history

I went to school in Glasgow achieving straight A’s in my Highers, after a year off (my first adventures in Asia) I went to Edinburgh University and studied Mathematics with Business Studies and graduated with a First Class Honours. I then explored the world for nearly two years before returning to Scotland to take up a position in Ernst & Young LLP where I qualified as a CA (Chartered Accountant through ICAS) in the audit department in Glasgow. After teaching and training in my spare time for a couple of years, I set up my own company White Lotus, where I work as an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and HGE (Hypno Genetic Evolution) therapist and coach and Yoga teacher, full time since leaving Ernst & Young.

Personal Development

My interest in the field of personal development started at a young age and my passion for the betterment of myself, and others, has never weaned, in fact it gets stronger each year.

In my year off after school, when I was 17, I had my first significant experience of actively working towards my evolution. It took the form of a 3 month expedition in Malaysia with Raleigh International, a charity for the development of young adults. While assisting in building a school, helping scientists with their research, climbing mountains, cutting trails in the jungle etc, I was introduced to the concepts of teamwork, self confidence, leadership, and self analysis.

Since then I have been exploring the world and the different avenues for personal growth at every opportunity. My adventures have including building a school in Tanzania, trekking the Himalayas in Nepal, teaching scuba diving in Indonesia, working in a ‘brain gym’ at a Taoist retreat in Thailand, hiking to the top of the highest mountains in Africa & Malaysia, climbing the highest mountain pass in the world, discovering Yoga in India and so much more. This journey of self discovery gave a good foundation for the assisting of others, combined with my extensive study of the latest change techniques used in the West.

When I worked at Ernst & Young I was quickly recognised as experienced in the area of personal development and was asked to engage in the hiring, training and mentoring of graduates, I represented my peers on various committees, assited in programs for corporate responsibility and coaching within the company. In my final year with the firm I was selected to join an accelerated development program. It was this program that lead to my participation on ‘soft skills’ courses (e.g. leadership skills, influencing skills, personal impact, coaching, confidence, etc). From here the movement to work with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) was natural, as it is the most powerful change technology that I have found.

I am now a fully qualified therapist and coach in NLP and HGE (Hypno Genetic Evolution- the next evolutionary step from NLP which encompasses physical and spiritual aspects of the being as well as emotional and mental which predominate in traditional NLP). As well as working one on one, I also jointly run open evenings to introduce people to NLP, assist on NLP training seminars, and am working towards running seminars to qualify participants in this technology.

My study of Eastern Traditions

I first entered the arena of ‘energetic body work’ from the East when I practiced Shukokai Karate and Ao Denko Ka Martial Arts at University. I competed with a high degree of success gaining several British and Scottish University Gold medals in individual and team events.

Around 1998, I moved from martial arts towards more introverted energy training with Chi Kung. At that time I also trained in Reiki healing in Scotland and then to a more advanced level in India 2000. In addition, I studied Chi Kung healing, meditation and advanced Chi Kung techniques with Master Mantak Chia (one of the foremost teachers in this area in the world) in Thailand in 2000 in a five week intensive retreat.

I first practiced Yoga in 2000 with a comprehensive one month Yoga course in Rishikesh under Swami Vivekananda Saraswati at the Agama Yoga School. Since 2000 I have practiced several different styles of Yoga, predominantly Iyengar, Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, and travelled to different parts of Asia and Europe on retreats increasing my understanding of the whole Yoga system. Since my introduction to this amazing system I have consistently studied and practiced Yoga leading me to where I am today.

I consider Swami Vivekananda Saraswati to be my foremost teacher with whom I continue to study Yoga (predominantly Tantra Yoga), in Thailand for blocks of 1-3 months of intensive study at a time. I have gained the Red Sash certificate of achievement and continue to train with this amazing man whenever I am able.

I qualified as a Yoga teacher in the UK with CYS (Chi Yoga School) Scotland, completing a year long training and qualifying in the summer of 2005. This training included study of the sacred Yoga texts, practice of Ashtanga Yoga - the complete primary series, detailed study of anatomy, Tai Chi and much more. (Before this time I was teaching Hatha classes for about a year from my training under Swami Vivekananda.)

I now teach beginners to advanced classes in general Hatha Yoga and Tantra Yoga.